Is anyone taming the Wild Wild Web?

RSS feeds and blog sites have burgeoned and it’s becoming a navigation nightmare weeding out the wheat from the chaff. So, with WebTwitcher I will be spying on the Wild Wild Web to report back on a selection of sites worth a look.

FYI - the Tech Genii/Gods/Geeks (delete as appropriate) are starting to list top RSS feeds, with the major search engines also climbing on board with blog and RSS feed-specific searches. Have a look at Ask.co.uk’s easy to use service (recently launched), Feed Miner and RSS Feeds for inspiration on where to go for good content – basically searchable directories of RSS feeds (think online Yellow Pages for the RSS world).

Looking for a good blog (apart from this one, of course) has started to stretch my patience. For quick reference, I can’t get enough of The Guardian Weblog Guide. Excellent selection of hand-picked blogs that remind you why the web was invented. BritBlog is also a good list of British bloggers (wherever they may be living). Bloglines is a good starting point when you want to search for blogs by subject. If you’ve seen any good feed/blog directories please enlighten me here.


Recommended Websites


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