Is a tablet worth it?

Accessing the internet is child’s play now thanks to smartphones with large screens and laptop computers but a tablet PC combines both and makes internet browsing a completely different ball game. If you’ve just invested in a laptop or you have a PC that’s working well enough you might be questioning whether a tablet is worth it. We’ll give you a balanced view so you can make up your own mind.
    Getty - Peter Macdiarmid


Tablets are cheaper than laptops so if you’re in the market for a new computer and you only need it for browsing, watching catch up TV and answering Emails, then a tablet is probably the right choice. They make great e-readers too so you won’t need to purchase a Kindle if you get a tablet.


Tablets are more portable than laptops so they’re great for travel. Pulling your laptop out when you’re sitting on an economy class air seat isn’t something you’d even consider, but you can use a tablet PC in those circumstances so you’ll find that you use it more than any laptop you own.


The thing with tablets is that they can’t do much more than smartphones can so if you’ve got a great smartphone, you might not need a tablet. You’ll need to consider why you’re thinking of buying one. Perhaps you’ll be watching a lot of movies and TV on the device. If that’s the case, the tablet beats any smartphone.


You can’t really work on a tablet PC. Not as easily as you can work on a laptop. You’ll also find that a decent desktop PC will have a faster processor and more storage space so if you’re interested in using a program like Photoshop for example, a desktop or laptop is the way to go.

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