Irish farmers felfies take the web by storm

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Self portraits of Irish farm workers with their animals, dubbed the ‘felfie’, have taken the web by storm

If you are wondering whether all of a sudden farmers of Ireland decided to give in to the trend of the year, be reassured: it was actually the Irish Farmers Journal which called on readers produce the their farm-based selfies for a Christmas competition.

After all, the term 'selfie' officially entered the dictionary in 2013 and the likes of Barack Obama and Pope Francis have showed enjoyment in the self-snapshot activity that's gone crazy worldwide.

Bu what's gone crazy worldwide are now the Irish farmers 'felfies' – with great amazement of the farmers themselves and the organizers of the competition.

The felfie has indeed taken on a life of its own and images of cheeky farm workers getting creative with their livestock have became the new viral success.

A Facebook group of the same name has attracted 20,000 likes so far and keeps growing in consent.

The ten finalists picked by the Irish Farmers Journal for their competition include: a photo by Patricia Farrelly from Ballyjamesduff, posing with a goose and an axe, the shot entitled "two fine beards" by Peter Desmond from Ballinhassig, sporting a beard and posing alongside a bearded goat, and winner P.J. Ryan from Newport, Co.Tipperary, with a pipe in his mouth making a thumbs-up gesture in front of a herd of cows.

The picture was reportedly submitted by his daughter Aisling.

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