Ireland broadband providers - a list of the best!

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Want to buy broadband in Ireland? These days, broadband comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Finding the right package for you can be very tricky at times unless you know what you want. We have put together a list of the best Ireland broadband providers for you and a brief description of the packages they provide.

  1. Imagine WiMax - WiMax is one of the fastest internet connections available in Ireland. Wireless technology transmits the signal around your house, allowing you to connect as many computers as you need to the internet. You have unlimited download usage with WiMax, available from just €25 per month. Check out imagine.ie for more information.
  2. UPC - UPC offer fibre powered broadband through a wire to the Irish market. Speeds of up to 100Mb are available, which lets you download movies and music in record time. Broadband packages start from just €20 per month with UPC. Log onto upc.ie for more information.
  3. Meteor - Meteor offers mobile broadband packages in Ireland. This type of broadband lets you use your laptop on the move anywhere that you can get a strong mobile phone signal. You simply plug your dongle into the laptop via a USB port. Meteor now offers a pay as you go package. You simply top up the dongle in the same way you top up your phone and then can buy a 30 day pass for just €20. For more information about Meteor broadband, call into any Meteor store or log onto meteor.ie.


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