The iPhone isn't just a phenomenon in its own right - it's created whole new industries in both software and hardware. Apps like Angry Birds and Remember The Milk sell in the millions, while we've lost count of the number of iPhone docks, charging stations, cases, stands and tripods we've seen.

This, though, might be taking things a bit too far. Does anyone really need a dedicated iPhone printer?

In fairness, we suppose, printing photos from an iPhone is normally a bit of a hassle: you have to sync the pictures to your computer, open them up, and print them from there, often with a printer that's not designed with photo printing in mind. And you can't take an iPhone to a Jessop's to get your photos printed, like you can with a normal camera with a removeable memory card.

So maybe this Boelle BP-10 - another useful, descriptive gadget name! - will find a market. You just stick your iPhone in, open the special app, and out come nice standard-size 4x6-inch prints of your drunken friends gurning at you.

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