The New Yorker, the high-minded US mag beloved of latte-sipping novelists, has an iPad app. But how can the kind of publication which is bought by the kind of people who used to think the internet was a fad promote something as geeky and vulgar as an iPad app? How do you humanise software?

You get ultra-hipster actor Jason Schwarzmann to use it in the shower, that's how. This weird ad sees him demonstrates the app - which is pretty standard stuff - in a variety of oh-so-wacky situations: in the pool! In bed! On a sofa wearing a weird leather-boy outfit!

It's even directed by an uber-cool type, Roman Coppola, nephew of Francis and yet somehow a cool indie outsider. We're not sure it'll win over the fusties to the way of the Pad, but perhaps it's not meant to. It'll certainly amuse the New Yorker's younger, hipsterier readers.

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