Are you in the market for iPods Nano?

Since the launch of the very first iPod back in 2000, Apple have quickly grown to make the MP3 player market their very own, and in doing so have arguably changed the face of the music industry forever. In such a short time, we have seen a complete change in how music is consumed by the general public, with a large portion of CD sales making way for digital download sales.

This shift in music purchasing has presented some problems for the music industry, but the much publicised "death of recorded music" has not come about in the way that many people had predicted. Instead, companies have had to change the way they approached both the marketing and delivery side of their music business to adopt the iTunes model into their plans.

So if you still haven't jumped aboard the iPod bandwagon, now is the perfect time for you to look at adding an iPods Nano to your technology collection. Smaller than the traditional iPods, the Nano is the perfect solution for those of you who want to have access to your music collection on the go, but don't want to spend big money.

At amazon.co.uk you can pick up a 6th Generation Graphite iPod Nano 8GB for the bargain price of just £117.19. That's a reduction of more than £12.00 on the high street retail price of £129.00.

Alternatively, you could take a look at play.com who have the older generation model in black with an 8GB memory for just £76.95 including free delivery!

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