We take a look at the range of iPods for sale at Tesco

When the iPod was originally released back in 2001, few people could have anticipated the indelible mark it would leave on the music and technology industries forever. Although MP3s were common enough at that stage, it wasn't until Apple's marketing genius kicked into gear that regular shoppers really began to see the benefits on offer from the format. For the first time in history, people could comfortably carry their entire music collections around in their pocket, ready for instant access at the touch of a button.

What's even more astonishing is the fact that Apple, though the use of iTunes, managed to the the MP3 format from something that had long since been considered "free" into something that customers were willing to pay money for, throwing a life line to a music industry that looked in very real danger of sinking in a sea of piracy.

These days, the technology has advanced even further, and iPods are available in a wide range of specifications, with a solution available for everyone no matter what they are looking for from their portable MP3 player.

We took a look at the high street to see what iPods are currently for sale at Tesco. The chain currently boasts a total of seven iPod devices for sale both in store and on its website located at direct.tesco.com. For those of you who want something cheap, small and easy to manage, the iPod Shuffle is the ideal solution. With 2GB of storage it's perfect for those who have small digital music collections, or who like to listen to a relatively small pool of music on rotation. It can be bought for just £39.00.

The next step up, the Nano, offers 8GB and 16GB solutions for music lovers, with a battery that lasts up to 24 hours per full three hour charge. Starting at £129.00 the Nano arguably represents the best value for money in the iPod range.

For those who are still looking for a bit more, the Classic iPod offers 160GB of storage for just £197.00, and the iPod Touch, a sleek touch screen device that looks very reminiscent of the iPhone, is available in 8GB, 32GB and 64Gb models starting from £174.00.

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