What ipods are best for kids?

Apple's iPod has been around for the best part of a decade now and with over thirty choices in the range, it is really difficult to decide on one, especially when you are choosing ipods for kids.

The iPod shuffle offers a small, light weight choice in a range of colours but with limited storage will children accept it? The shuffle comes with a range of storage options offering a maximum of 2GBs or storage (this is about enough for 300 songs) and it is the lowest price option in the range priced at only €49. If your child only wants to listen to a limited range of music then this could represent an excellent choice.

Next up the range is the iPod nano. This is sure to appeal to kids, a full range of colours, as before with the Shuffle model, but with also a full colour touch screen and up to 16GBs storage. The only draw back on this model is the cost, coming in at one euro less than €190, at €189 it is an expensive choice but one that might suit an older child for a birthday present or special occasion.

The iPod touch is the next step up and again its more expensive. €229 buys an 8GB model with full colour touch screen, 3.5 inches by 3 inches. Its a fantastically put together piece of technology but ipods for kids might be too expensive. It does offer games and movies too but the 64 GB model is €399!

Finally we have the iPod classic which offers a small colour screen, only half the size of the iPod touch but with a massive 160 GB storage and a choice of black or white this might be a good choice for a child or teen with a massive music library.

We recommend either the iPod shuffle or the basic iPod nano model depending on the child's age but do remember that prolonged use of headphones and loud music will damage hearing.

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