iPod Touch maxi on the way?

Ah, the Apple rumour mill: it's the gift that keeps on giving. Last week, it threw out talk of a mini-iPhone, talk which was quickly contradicted and then sort of fizzled out. But, unbowed, the rumour-mongers are at it again. If Apple isn't making a mini-iPhone, what about a bigger iPod Touch?

Yes, the latest prediction is that Apple are making a 5-inch or 6-inch counterpart to the iPod Touch, that would have similar software and would run the same apps as the normal-size Touch (and the iPhone).

Now, this does come from a source with some cred, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities. As Gizmodo points out, 'he's got a pretty good track record,' having correctly predicted the iPhone 4's RAM amount and Retina Display.

Nevertheless, this sounds like grade-A nonsense to us. Steve Jobs has been scathing about 7-inch tablets, predicting that the current swath of 7-in Android tablets would be 'dead on arrival' because developers can't make good tablet apps with a screen that size. So the idea that Apple would eschew 7-inch devices, but embrace 6-inch, seems a bit thick.

All the signs are that Apple simply doesn't think there's any need for devices between the smartphone and the full-size tablet. We're not betters here at Digitaledge, but if we were we'd have our money on this one turning out false.

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