Which iPod player should you buy?

This year Apple has upgraded their entire line of iPods, making choosing between them even harder! If you're new to the world of iPods, or if you just need an upgrade, here is some advice to help you decide...

iPod Shuffle

The Shuffle is iPod's smallest and cheapest option. It's a tiny 2.5cm square and 0.8cm thick - including a clip. It weighs just 14g. The new and improved iPod Shuffle is super slick, available in a range of brushed aluminium colours, and has a 15 hour battery life.

So why is it cheap? It has a relatively modest 2GB flash memory, but the low price is mostly due to the lack of screen display. There is, however, a VoiceOver button that lets you hear the song title, the name of the current playlist (that's right, the Shuffle now does playlists - including Genius), and the status of your battery.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is one of Apple's most popular products - and for good reason. It comes in a tiny, slick package and is jammed full of cool features, including a 240×240 pixel touch-screen display, great sound specs, an FM radio, multi-language voiceover capability, games and much more.

The new and improved Nano boasts 24 full hours of battery life and touchscreen technology. It comes in 8GB and 16GBs.

iPod Classic

This is the iPod player that started it all. And beside the shiny new Nano, it's beginning to look its age. It's a bit chunkier than other iPods, but it carries a massive 40,000 songs on its 160GB memory.

iPod Touch

Cross a Nano with an iPhone and you'll get the iPod Touch. The latest addition to the iPod family boasts all the features of the iPhone without the phone. You can, however, make Facetime calls over WiFi. It boasts two cameras, the ability to record HD video, and is compatible with the thousands of apps available at the App Store. Choose from 8GB, 32GB and 64GB.


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