Find the cheapest iPod Nanos online today

Whether you have finally decided to take the plunge and join the digital music revolution, or you simply want to update your ageing MP3 player, there are some great deals on Apple iPod Nanos available online right now. No matter how much experience you've got with the iPod or MP3 players in general, you should have no problem in learning how to use this miniature device in no time at all.

The iPod has been a roaring success since it first hit our shelves back in 2000, and it has completely revolutionised the music industry in a way that many people would never have thought possible. However, despite this, the cost has proven to be a factor for many people who have either never had an official Apple MP3 player, or never had an MP3 player of any variety full stop.

Fortunately, with some seriously rock bottom prices available for some of the older generation of iPod Nanos, there's now absolutely no excuse for not picking up one of these tiny pieces of tech genius.

For example, on play.com you can pick up an old generation iPod Nano 2GB for just £24.99 including free delivery - an astonishingly low price that really makes it impossible to justify not having one.

If you would like to spend a little extra on a more recent model, you can get a brand new 6th generatiohn 8GB device for just £119.00, again from play.com.

Alternatively, amazon.co.uk have the same device for an even mnore impressive £99.,98, including free shipping... although it is in a rather bright pink colour, which might possible affect your street cred in the long run.

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