Choosing An iPod Nano With a Camera

To date, the 5th generation of iPod Nano is the only model in the series to come with a camera feature.  More commonly seen on the iPod Touch models, the 5th generation finally incorporated a 0.3 megapixel camera on the lower back end of the Nano's case, which was capable of video recording.  Unfortunately, Apple removed this feature for the 6th generation of iPod Nano, although due to the unpopularity this model, considered a downgrade by many, it wouldn't be a surprise to see future generations revise this decision.

About the iPod Nano 5th Generation

Not only is the 5th generation the only iPod Nano with a camera feature, but it has a host of other functions as well, including FM radio tuner, voice recorder and even a pedometer.  Released in Septemer 2009, the 5th generation keep the sleek looks and vibrant colours of the 4th gen, adding additional improvements such as Live Pause and an onboard ram of 64MB, double the previous installments capability.  With 24 hours of music playback and 5 hours of video viewing, the 5th generation is an iPod with a camera and so much more on top.

Is It Still Available?

Unfortunately, the 6th generation of iPod Nano replaced the 5th generation in September 2010, taking away a host of features, including the camera.  Although the 6th generation boasts a small design and a high resolution touch screen,  many fans lament the decision to remove the camera feature.  Luckily, the fifth generation model is still available at certain locations, including eBay and Okobe.  For a blue 16GB model, available for £138, try http://www.okobe.co.uk/ws/product/Apple+iPod+nano+16GB+Flash+Portable+Media+Player+5th+Generation+Blue/1000018214?ref=1q4bs.

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