How to give your iPod Nano style

There's loads of ways that you can give your iPod Nano style and make it stand out from the crowd, and a lot of them take minimal money or effort.

How about turning your iPod Nano into one of the most hi-tech watches on the planet? With a Snugg iPod Nano Watch Band you can do just that, as it allows you to clip it to a wrist strap like a watch face, and as the iPod Nano has a built in clock anyway it could even replace a regular watch. This product is a bit pricey at around £20, but given how unique and innovative it is it may just be worth it. If you like the sound of a futuristic watch then you can get the Snugg Watch Band from amazon.co.uk or from Snugg's own website thesnugg.com.

If you want to give your iPod Nano a bit of style without changing it in such a fundamental way, then consider purchasing a colourful case for it. iGadgitz make cases in a variety of colours to liven up your iPod a bit, and they also have the added benefit of protecting it from falls and scratches. They are available individually for under a pound from amazon.co.uk.

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous then check out the cases made by MusicSkins, which feature band logos and a variety  of eye catching artworks. These are rather more expensive at around £13 but they're also a lot more elaborate and attractive than the simple iGadgitz cases. Their complete collection is available from musicskins.com while many of them can also be found on amazon.co.uk.

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