iPod nano mp3 players: mp3 technology of the future

Apple has the mp3 market essentially boxed off at this stage. The ipod Nano mp3 players were among the most popular and versatile of the ipod range.  The Nano's shape and design has deviated very little from its conception. This is for one simple reason; it works, so why mess with it.

The latest ipod Nano mp3 player is the first to have a complete overhaul on the design front, with its shape becoming square, rather than the rectangle most of us are used to. The older models were equipped with 8 GB or 16 GB storage, an accelerometer and a sharp, useable interface. The curved aluminum body and brushed metal of the latter models was difficult to beat, but Apple isn't known for resting on their laurels.

The sixth generation ipod nano mp3 player is the first complete re-thinking of the model. First things first, the click wheel is gone! It has a full touchscreen interface, even though the unit is about one third the size of its older sibling.

The hardware has also undergone a radical re-design. The sixth generation ipod Nano mp3 players now have an operating system more akin to iOS than ipod. It is available in seven different colours, one for every day of the week.

Along with a hugely simplified design and aesthetic, Apple has turned out its finest Nano mp3 player to date. The screen response is excellent, making life easier for the avid jogger. It also has hardware buttons to control volume, freeing your gaze from the screen when you want to adjust it.

The sixth generation ipod nano mp3 players are a blast of fresh air into this market, both through design and hardware. It's an attractive choice if you're out looking for a new mp3 player.

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