Buy the iPod Nano for sale from 79.99 on Amazon today

If you're looking to bring your music collection along with your no matter where you go, then you could do with investing in an iPod. Since its release in 2001 the iPod has completely changed the way we look at the music industry, as well as making huge alterations to the way we consume musical entertainment. The association between the Apple brand the MP3 players is so strong that the word "iPod" has now been adopted into the English language by many as a cover all term to refer to any MP3 player.

Despite this fantastic achievement, Apple haven't rested on their laurels. Since the launch of the original iPod ten years ago they have been constantly refining their designs, rebuilding operating systems, incorporating brand new features and adding even more variety to the range of iPods on offer to consumers.

The iPod Nano falls somewhere in the mid-range of this iPod collection, offering users Apple's second smallest MP3 player solution behind the miniscule iPod Shuffle. While the Shuffle makes do with a minimal design and very little in the way of buttons or features, the Nano implements a number of device mounted controls that make it easier than ever to manage your music collection on the go.

Regularly retailing for £131 for the 8GB version and £169 for the 16GB version, our favourite online retailer, amazon.co.uk, have currently got some of the older 2GB versions available for the knock down price of just £79.99 from their Amazon Marketplace section.

While 2GB certainly won't be enough space for everyone, for those who don't have huge digital music collections it represents a real bargain. It's not often you find an iPod Nano for sale from £79.99, so you'd better take advantage of it while you can!

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