Which iPod Nano docking station should you get???

An iPod Nano specific docking station is actually a pretty hard thing to come by. In fact, they are generally built for all idevices or you can get an adapter to fit the ones that won't take the nano.

The new iPod Nano is especially hard to find a dock that works with it. Of course we have found a great docking system but we had to go slightly more general than Nano specific.

If you are looking for something top of the range with real high quality audio then we have the one for you. The Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air is our dock of choice so let's see what Bowers and Wilkins have to offer.

We are specifically talking about the 3rd generation Zepplin. This newest model looks very much like the original but there are some key changes. For one thing it now supports AirPlay so you can play from your iPod or iPhone using Airplay.

They have also built in wifi again so you can play tunes wirelessly with ease. They have also included a usb port to connect a pc or external hard drive and a 3.5 jack. This gives you many options to get your Nano hooked up.

Of course there is the traditional slot on the front to connect your idecive but if there is any trouble with the newer nano you can by an adapter for cheap from Apple.

The Zepplin Air is definitely worth looking into if you want crystal clear sound from your Nano.


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