iPod Nano at the Best Price

There are several ways you can find an iPod nano at the best price available on the market.


Price comparison websites for consumer electronics, such as the iPod nano, include Pricerunner.co.uk, Revoo.com and Which.co.uk. Enter the details of the iPod that you wish to buy based on the product's six generations (as of 01.09.2011). While the first generation iPod nano came in just two colours — black and white — and at two sizes — two and four gigabytes — the later generations provided consumers with a far greater range of colours and memory sizes.

High Street

While price comparison websites are ideal for finding iPod nanos at the best price online, they do not allow for the cheap iPod nanos that you are able to find on the high street.

Visit high street electronics, musical goods and Apple stores during the sales, in particular, to find an iPod nano at the best price. Note down the cost of each generation and colour of iPod nano you are able to find so you can quickly compare prices from different stores. When comparing high street prices, think about the return policies or warranty offers from stores, as this provides you extra peace of mind.

Second Hand

To find the cheapest possible iPod nano, you can buy your product second hand from websites such as Ebay.co.uk or Gumtree.co.uk. Always check your seller's reputation and feedback score before placing any bids or offers using these websites, as you need to make sure you can trust the person selling the product.

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