Essential iPod Nano accessories

iPod Nano accessories

As companies aim to make their latest gadgets smaller, lighter and more attractive than ever, they are also making them increasingly fragile, so as you don't want to have to constantly worry about dropping them, one of the most important iPod Nano accessories to get is a case.

There is a variety of different cases available, but one the best is the TeckNet silicone case, it's a simple silicone shell, available in a variety of colours to match your iPod Nano, and it protects the Nano from dents and scratches. Being such a simple product it's also very cheap, with many places selling them for only a few pounds.

A screen protector is just as important as a case if you want to avoid your iPod Nano getting damaged. As with cases lots of different companies offer them, and there's not much to choose between them as they are all essentially the same thing, but they all do the important job of preventing the screen from getting scratched. If you're buying from TeckNet already they also make screen protectors and these can be bought from around £2.50.

Once you've got your iPod Nano the protection it needs, the next thing to do is get some good earphones, as although it comes with a pair they're not very good and having splashed out on a music player you might as well get the most that you can out of it.

There are hundreds of different pairs of earphones available, but a great budget option is the Creative EP-630. These are designed to reduce background noise as well as delivering deep and clear sound. Best of all they're available from around £10.

All of these products can be found at amazon.co.uk or bought from their respective manufacturers at tecknetonline.co.uk or uk.store.creative.com.

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