Looking for a ipod nano 8gb?

The ipod nano 8gb is a great product with sufficient memory for your entire song library, it's compact design and easy to use screen interface makes it easily one of the best music listening devices in the market. Available in a variety of colours and with affordable prices, why not purchase your ipod nano today?

Play.com have an extensive range of ipods and sell the nano 8gb for just £143.99. With an efficient battery system giving you access to ober 24 hours of music before in need of recharge, you will find this product an absolute gem. The ipod has a number of qwerky features such as the shake system where you can casually shake your product to make the ipod shuffle to another song. With seven fantastic colours available to choose from, it's hard to find much wrong with the ipod nano.

Conversely, you can purchase the 8gb nano from amazon.co.uk for only £119.60 in a trendy graphite colour. Like play.com, amazon is a renowned website worldwide and offers a brilliant service both in respect to ordering your product and also having it delivered. You can expect a quick service which will see you have your ipod delivered to you in next to no time so you can get on with listening to music on your new ipod. With express delivery available, the website truly does centre around the customer and is highly reccomended to you as is play.com as well.

Well there you have it, two great websites to choose from to purchase an ipod nano 8gb from. Both are two of the most renowned, reliable and efficient sites on the net so you can certainly expect the very best service.

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