Should You Purchase an iPod Nano 5th Generation or 6th Generation?

The iPod Nano 5th generation came out back in 2009 to mixed reviews. Some tech experts and consumers were excited about the addition of a camera, while others were less than enthusiastic about the changes. Two years later, however, this generation is still going strong on the after market. Should you acquire one? It all depends on your needs and desires.

For starters, the 5th generation is larger than the latest one. It's also a bit more heavy. If you consider yourself old school, you might prefer the earlier version, as it still has the traditional click wheel. Do you prefer the ability to shoot video or have some video playback?  The 5th generation also has an integrated microphone and speaker. the 6th generation has none of these features.

However, sports and exercise enthusiasts might prefer the iPod Nano 6th generation due to its smaller size, its convenient touch screen capability, and a clip for attaching it to your sleeve or waist band. The 6th generation, although it comes with a vivid screen display, does not support any video playback.

Both Apple models boast a pedometer, built-in Nike support, "Genius Mixes," and the "Shake to Shuffle" feature. If you still prefer to purchase a 5th generation, Amazon.com features a number of merchants who sell refurbished, used, and new iPods, starting at £75, going up to £219 for new products. Colours range from aluminium silver to violet and hot pink. The price you pay depends mainly on how much GB you choose, and the Nano 5th generation comes in 8GB and 16GB.

If you want to exercise with your Nano, you'll need to purchase an armband, since this generation does not come equipped with a convenient clip. The online Apple store's accessories page offers an armband at £20, and once ordered, is dispatched within 24 hours so you won't have to wait long.


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