The iPod Nano 2nd Generation 2gb Release

Those looking for an affordable, second hand Apple product should consider looking into the iPod Nano 2nd generation 2gb release.

For those who don't know what the Nano is, let us explain. It is Apple's version of a portable digital media station, similar to an iPhone but with more limited functions and without phone support. The first incarnation of the product was released in the latter part of 2005, effectively making the iPod Mini obsolete (an earlier, similar product). The Nano utilises flash memory to store data and has seen six releases (or generations). However, it is the iPod Nano 2nd generation 2gb release that is commonly searched for by those wanting an Apple Nano, due to its competitive price on most auction sites. This particular Nano, which was released on 12th September, comes in silver.

Where to Get a 2nd Generation iPod Nano

When looking to purchase anything online, ultimately your goal should be to obtain the best quality for the cheapest price. To find a cheap 2nd generation Nano, try out a comparison site such as Google Shopping. Presently, a quick search for this Nano has already found hundreds of results that show where you can get one. Websites such as eBay, JMmart Digital, Kikatek and Code Micro all stock this particular model.

Prices will range and if you are looking to buy a brand new, unused Nano then ultimately you will pay more than if you were to shop for a second hand model. A second hand Nano can be obtained for as little as £4 but average up to a maximum of around £50. Brand new models, however, can cost in the region of around £100 to £160, depending on the seller.

Remember, when looking to buy an iPod Nano 2nd generation 2gb, always search on comparison sites - the prices continually fluctuate and a particular website could be selling one for a competitive price.

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