We look for the cheapest iPod Nano 16GB deals around

If you're on the lookout for a replacement MP3 player but don't want to fork over the huge money that some of the top end players are currently being sold for, you could take a look at a miniature solution to your problem. The Apple iPod Nano is one of the smallest players on the market, yet it packs a huge punch coming with a whopping 16GB of storage space.

If you're looking for the best iPod Nano 16GB deals then you've definitely come to the right place, because we've spent the last few days trawling through some of our favourite online retailers in order to get you the very best prices on this super little MP3 player from Apple.

The very best price we have found is from play.com who offer the 16GB iPod Nano 5th Generation in blue for just £74.99 including free delivery. This is a price that won't easily be beaten anywhere online.

If blue isn't your colour, you've got a few other options available. The purple version of the same unit is available from Play for £93.93, a slick black model costs just £129.00, the silver model is £134.99 (although this is 4th generation, not 5th) and the uber-girly pink flavour costs £149.99. Each of these prices includes free shipping.

If you fancy a 6th generation version complete with brand new touch screen technology, you can pick one up from amazon.co.uk for just £135.00 including free shipping. This model is a little bit smaller, but doesn't feature the camera that is included as standard with the 5th generation devices.

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