Where to buy an ipod nano 16gb

Apple ipod nano's have fast become one of the best music devices available for their excellent appearance and lightweight design making it hardly noticeable in your pocket. There are a whole host of websites that sell this excellent product and this article should go someway to helping you discover some great prices on the ipod nano 16gb.

The place to start is certainly the official apple website which can be found at store.apple.com/uk and values their ipod nano 16gb at a competitive price of £163.00. Available in a full spectrum of colours, the latest ipod nano comes complete with a touch screen and is able to be personalised with an engraving of your choice on the back of the product.

After searching across other sites, you will inevitably find cheaper prices such as play.com who sell the ipod nano 16gb for just £152.00. This reliable site also offers the product in a variety of colours with the only stumbling block being they don't offer the engraving service which is available on the official website. Play.com do however offer customers the chance to purchase skullcandy headphones for half price should you choose to buy an ipod nano 16gb from their excellent site.

The two sites listed are undoubtedly two of the best prices and websites you could purchase your ipod nano 16gb from. Both sites offer reliability and a great service which will see your ipod delivered to you in next to no time at all. Choose a website you can trust and with prices that you will be hard pushed to find anywhere better, you are urged to purchase from one of the sites listed in this article.

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