Why you should buy the iPod Nano 16gb 5g

Since the launch of the ipod nano in 2005, the Apple Company has generated a buzz in the technology industry. With constant innovations of its iPod products, the company aims at bridging the gap between preference, style, cost and fashion without compromising on quality. The 5th generation 16 GB ipod exhibits aspects such as style, elegance, and ease in operating, while it is at the same time cheap. The scintillating gold finish of the iPod Nano 16GB 5g gives it an amazing look, which greatly appeals to its users.

Other than the shiny finish, the tiny 640 x 360-pixel video camera tucked away at its back, which is almost unnoticeable. With this gadget, you can be sure to record footage and take pictures of those moments that you wish to cherish forever.

The sound quality of the ipod nano can only be described as pristine, and this acts as one of its selling features in the market. The gadget has an excellent music playback technology. When not listening to music, you may opt to play the wide range of games. The animated menus also make it a scintillating experience when using the ipod. The LCD display also gives you the chance to watch high quality movies with unmatched clarity. Combine these features with the user-friendly interface and you will realize why the ipod performs well above the rest in the world of technology and entertainment.

If you plan to enjoy all the possibilities the ipod nano offers, one of the best places to look for is the Apple retail store website (http://www.apple.com/retail/). There you will find a plethora of choices and offers. You will also sample some of the styles and unique features instilled in the gadget.

Alternatively, the Pric website (http://www.pric.co.uk/p10577) will provide you with a range of dealers selling the ipod nano 16 GB 5 g. Here you are able to compare various prices, which range from £84.99, and £189.99 and read reviews of each how each dealer is rated.

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