ipod mp3 players - Look no further than the iPod Classic

If you're wondering which of Apple's unrivalled iPod mp3 players you should buy, then let us chime in with a suggestion. For all-round dependability it's hard to look past the iPod Classic.

In our sometimes mad rush to cram as many features into our mp3 players as possible, we sometimes forget their man purpose, to play music! Nowadays, the majority of the iPod line is stuffed with eye-watering extras like internet access, games, Facebook and Youtube.

Call us old fashioned, but we simply want a player that will play our music, and lots of it! For this purpose, it's hard to look past the iPod Classic. It's a music player pure and simple, and it has a whopping 160 gb of storage.

As the focus in this model is on music, it's the exceptional music player on the market. Battery life on the iPod Classic wipes the floor with any other models out there, clocking in at a brilliant 36 hrs playtime for mp3 files.

It sports a vibrant 2.5" backlit display with a native resolution of 320x240. Such is this iPod's appeal that Apple has resisted making wholesale changes to it since 2008, making it the elder statesman of the iPod world.

True, it won't make phone calls, but if storage and dependability are what you seek, it's impossible to look past the iPod Classic. Wonderfully, this model is also extremely reasonably priced compared to the likes of the iPhone, so picking one up won't break the bank!

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