Our guide to iPod docking stations

If you want to pick up new iPod docking stations then we've put together a comprehensive guide to the things you need to look out for when you make the purchase.

The right iPod Docking Station can make a massive difference in your home. You'll no longer need to fire up your laptop to listen to music, instead you can just place your iPod in the dock and listen to your tunes with gorgeous clarity.

There are hundreds of models on the market with various levels of quality and sound. You can make your purchase a little easier by arming yourself with a little information, which we aim to provide here.

Look at the features

You can pick up an iPod Docking Station with various extras including FM Radio, remote control, and full surround sound connectivity. These extras cost money obviously, so it's best to select which features you'll really need.

Take your time

Don't jump in at the first model that takes your fancy. Many supermarkets such as Tesco now stock iPod Docking Stations, so make sure you've checked out the models available in these stores. Also check online!

Know your iPod

Make sure the connections on your prospective iPod Docking Station match the connections on your iPod. Also check the compatibility. Some models of the iPhone won't work with certain docking stations, so bear this in mind.

Check the price

You really shouldn't pay more than £100 for a quality model. Anything more than this is excessive!

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