Types of iPod Docking Station Speakers

In the past, consumers had the ability to listen to music and information over the radio through a Walkman. The Walkman had the ability to play cassette tapes. There was also the portable boom box. This was just a portable stereo. Technology and innovation has come to the forefront of music, offering consumers faster ways to access music and information as well as the ability to personalise their music while they travel.

Now, combined with your Apple iPod, iPhone and iPod docking station speakers, consumers have a full media system. A person can now answer their phone, download music, listen to AM/FM radio or wake up to the alarm clock with their iPod docking station.

Docking Stations - For consumers who have MP3 players, docking stations are an excellent accessory to have. The docking station, which can be used both for the iPod and iPhone, has an MP3 adapter as well as audio speakers built-in. The iPod docking station comes in a variety of shapes, designs, colours and sizes. The unique characteristic is that they are compatible with Apple technology. The feature that distinguishes the docking stations are the speaker manufacturers.

Different docking stations may have specific audio speaker producers. Some docking stations carry the Apple brand of speakers. Others include Bose or Sony.

iDesign Flip Speaker - This docking station was made for the iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone with video. This unit uses four AAA batteries or AC power. When using the batteries it automatically becomes a cordless, portable speaker unit. This unit allows you to play music and movies. The prominent feature is the large speakers on both sides. Simply insert your iPhone into the middle slot and instantly connect the unit for media playback.

Tivoli Audio Universal Dock - This device features the Tivoli Audio speakers. The unit comes in two separate pieces. The larger piece features the speaker. This also includes a AM/FM radio and alarm clock. The speaker comes in a variety of colours that include Walnut, Cherry, Aluminium and Frost finishes. The unit comes with a power adapter as well as dock adapters that are universal.


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