All About The iPod Classic

The iPod

The iPod Classic was once simply known as the iPod, however with so many innovations occuring since it's launch, such as the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch, the original iPod has now been giving the title of 'Classic'.

First released in October 2001, the first generation of iPods were available in only one colour - white - and had a battery life of 10 hours.  Initially only available in a 5GB model, a 10GB version was released in March of 2002.  A slightly revamped model was released in July 2002, known as the second generation, offering minor aesthetic tweaks and touch-sensitivity.

iPod Classic

It took until the 6th generation for the suffix 'classic' to be introduced to the iPod.  First released in September 2007, Classic iPods feature video playback and a battery life of up to 36 hours of music playback.  With a 320x240 2.5" inch screen and a body of anodized aluminum, the 6th generation of iPod is available in only two colours, silver or black - the first time the iPod hasn't had a colour option of white.

Initially available in 80GB and 160GB models, the iPod classic has seen two revisions, adding features such as 'Genius' and extending memory size and battery life further.

Is It Still Available?

As of September 2011, the 6th generation iPod Classic is still the official product sold by apple, retailing at a price of £197 for 160GB.  To find out more about purchasing options, visit the official Apple store at www.apple.com/uk/ipodclassic/.

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