Buying iPod Bluetooth Headphones

Buying iPod bluetooth headphones can be a tricky business. You need to make sure they are compatible, decide if you want extra functionality such as music controls or a microphone for skype calls and of course ensure that the headphones produce excellent sound quality and have no lag or delay.

Bluetooth technology has greatly improved with the arrival of bluetooth 2.0 which is now commonplace in iPod touches and iPhones. Now music can be delivered in perfect stereo quality wirelessly to your headphones. Which will save you those horrible moments of frustration untangling headphone cables and even save you money in the long run as bluetooth headphones last substantially longer then their wired predecessors.

I always recommend going for a name brand when you purchase your bluetooth headphones this will ensure that high quality parts have been chosen and that you will not have any of the customer care issues you can have with lesser known companies.

Make sure the pair you selct are sturdy but light, the sound quality is impeccable and that they fit your head comfortably. Nothing is worse then a badly fitting pair of headphones.

Many manufacturers are adding extra functionality in to their headphones now so you will have to decide wether you need these options do not go for them if you don't need them as it will cost you substantially more then getting just headphones.

The last factor to take into account when buying iPod Bluetooth headphones is the vital issue of battery life. Perhaps more important then any other consideration make sure you get a pair that will last the time you need them to because nothing is worse then buying an exspensive pair only to find out their battery is not up to scratch.

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