iPod alarm clock radios: Time to become a morning person.

Wake up to the sweet sound of music. Finally you can have your favourite band or artist serenade you into alertness every morning. iPod have given us the iPod alarm clock, which are also clock radios. This invention is so packed with cool features that you'll look forward to seeing and hearing it every morning.

The iPod alarm clock radios pack a punch. They can run on AC power; however they also feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, giving you music playback anywhere, anytime. The alarm clock also features a folding design allowing for easy conversion and transportation.

The featured docking station is built for compliance with iPod and iPhone products.  Everything so far that Apple have put their name to has come up trumps. The iPod alarm clock has features that allow it to be used in whichever way any individual sees best. You can connect other MP3 players and portable audio devices through a 3.5mm stereo cable.

The iPod alarm clock radios allow you to choose how you wish to be woken up. You can decide between a buzzer, custom playlist or FM radio. The iPod alarm clock goes over and above most alarm clocks insofar as it has a 2, 5 or 7-day setting which allows you to set future alarms for the coming week.

The volume of the alarm is also an adjustable feature. You can choose to gradually increase or decrease volume to sooth you to sleep or wake you up gently. It has a programmable preset radio station feature so you don?t need to go frequency searching each time.

The iPod alarm clock radios are so packed with features it will take you a while before you discover them all.

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