The best of the iPod 8gb mp3 players

iPod 8gb mp3 players are loved by many people. They are the perfect size so that you can get a lot of tunes on but don't have to carry your entire music collection with you.

While it's great to have the larger mp3 players loaded with tunes for road trips and holidays, the 8gb is perfect for when you are cycling or running, even walking the dog. There are easily enough tracks and selection to ensure that you have a great listening experience.

The newest addition to Apple's veritable force of iPods and other iDevices is the 6th generation iPod nano. It is easily the slickest and smallest mp3 player on the market. It is barley bigger than a postage stamp and some cool features.

1. Size: It's tiny! No really...TINY!

2. Touch Screen: Like all good things it started with the wheel. Now it has touch screen capabilities, so if like us you are not a huge fan of the wheel but except that it was necessary, the touch screen is a welcome change.

3. Extras: You can check out your photos which is pretty cool on this tiny device. You also have the usual suspects, FM radio with live pausing, shake-to-shuffle, a fitness pedometer and of course Genius Mixes.

The problem some people are having is the 'step backward' it took. The video capabilities (playback and camera) are now gone as are the contacts, calendars and alarms. Yes this sucks a little but this really is made to serve one purpose, music!

It wouldn't be functional to have a camera and videos playing on this device. Maybe they should have left the calendar and alarm but then again, you have a phone right?

There really should be no complaints about this device. It is the best of their line up as far a portable music goes, which is what it's all about. With the handy clip on feature you can just stick it on your shirt and head off for a jog, perfect!



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