iPlayer to get PS3 upgrade

Great news for those of you with PS3s; the BBC is going to be updating the iPlayer function for the console this year, hopefully integrating more into the Playstation Network.

The news comes from the BBC’s David Cross, who was talking at the Facebook Developer Garage in London about the application. He suggested that there will be a feature update and a ‘For You’ section, which compiles shows they think you’ll be interested in. The problems that many users are having signing into the service will be dealt with too, with Cross saying that it might be integrated with signing into PSN.

‘We don't know whether to integrate it with the PSN signing in process or do something new,’ said Cross, before revealing that he was hopeful for an Xbox Live version of iPlayer It's great what has been done with Facebook on Xbox Live, so I hope something similar can be done with the iPlayer.’

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