Here's a fun excuse to engage in a bit of speculation: how well is the iPhone 5 going to sell?

Of course, we don't know what the new iPhone will look like yet, or even officially that it exists. But it's still possible to make some guesses. On the one hand, every previous iPhone has sold in bucketloads, so it seems logical that this one will as well. But on the other hand, the iPhone 4 is still probably the most powerful smartphone on the market over a year after it was released. What can Apple really do to radically improve on it and give iPhone owners a reason to upgrade? It's hardly likely they'll be able to double the screen resolution again.

Well, one organisation certainly thinks Apple are going to sell a ton of the things - and that's Apple. At least, if these latest reports are anything to go by. According to Taiwan's DigiTimes, a publication with excellent contacts within companies that make parts for Apple, the California tech giant has contracted a company named Petagon to make a whopping 10 million iPhone 5s, ready for a September launch.

If Apple were to shift that many in the first three months of sale, it'd smash sales records. Will it happen? Depends on what surprises Apple manage to pack into the new device. No pressure, Steve...

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