iPhone vs BlackBerry Bold: which is better?

The 3G iPhone and the BlackBerry Bold. They are the two most talked about phones this year. But which is better? The people over at the iPhone Blog have taken the pain out of deciding if you are going to get addicted to CrackBerry or Apple with a video which compare the two items.

Although the vid was made by iPhone Blog it seems to be a balanced and impartial assessment, outlining the pros and cons of both devices. So what's the verdict? Well the two phones are similar in size although the BlackBerry Bold is thicker than the iPhone . Both have 480x320 screens. The iPhone has touch screen while the Bold doesn't. The web browser on the iPhone is better.

Either way it's time to break open the piggy bank as both items are going to retail at over £500. Looks like we'll be sticking with our Nokia 6590 for another few years then.

iPhone vs BlackBerry Bold

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