iPhone unlocked (in Germany)

We’ve been looking slightly criminal as we dodge into Apple and O2 stores for the last month or so to play with the iPhone. That’s been the closest we could realistically get to owning one, since Apple’s exclusive UK deal with O2 is locked down so tightly that if you’re on another network you can’t get hold of the current must-have gadget.

But German gadget freaks are luckier – T-Mobile, the exclusive supplier in that country, has been forced by the courts to sell unlocked phones and unlock the sim cards of phones for existing customers. For a bargaintastic 999 euros – just £750 of your spare change – you can get an any-network iPhone.

Of course, you could choose a different phone (yes, it is possible) and get it free on pretty much any network. Isn’t competition wonderful?

(Image: from Spcoon’s flickr stream)

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