iphone scores weed

It was only a matter of time before iPhones were used for something other than connecting to Google maps and checking e mails: a new application has been added which lets users find weed in their area. Although the application, called 'Cannabis' doesn't allow users to connect to their local ganja dealer, it does provide information about legalised sources of cannabis, as well as information regarding lawyers, doctors and clinics.

Those users who are unlucky enough to live in an area where weed isn't legal are instead directed to the nearest cannabis organisations in their area and encouraged to 'promote reform'. Failing that, an international list of legal coffee shops is also at their disposal.

Makers of the application, which costs 1.79 a pop, describe the revelation as: "a software development and digital activist team focused on cultivating the most sticky, tasty, and potently useful iPhone applications for the cannabis industry and movement." 50 cents from every sale of the app will be donated to a cannabis non profit fund. Otherwise known as the snacks kitty.

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