iPhone revolution

Better notifications might be the most important innovation in iOS 5, but they're not the only one by any means. The little update that could is packed with minor and major changes.

Like Reminders, the long-awaited official to-do list app for iPhone. Or deep Twitter integration, so you can post to the site from the Camera app, from Safari, or from anywhere without switching apps. (Here's hoping something similar is happening for Facebook.) Or the ability to edit photos from the camera app, and to take a picture using the volume-up button as a shutter control. Or pinch-to-zoom in camera mode, for that matter.

Or how about the iOS version of Safari getting many of the coolest features of the desktop version? Like the 'Reader' mode, which cuts all the crap out of a website so you can read it? Or tabbed browsing, sweet lord, at last?

Not to mention iMessage, which one blog reckons is Apple's attempt to kill text messaging.

There's a lot going on in iOS 5, so you might want to check out Apple's typically snazzy video.

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