iPhone owners have sex with the most people

Crikey. The things they study in the name of science these days.

Well, this isn't really science. Website OKCupid has done some clever hackery on its users' data and concluded that iPhone users have had the most sexual partners. They looked at users' responses to quizzes like 'The Dating Persona Test' and 'The Slut Test', which involved telling the site about their sexual history. Then they checked the 'metadata' on users' profile pictures to see what smartphone they took the pictures with.

The results are, I guess, what you'd expect. Hip iPhone users had the most sexual history, with ten partners each on average for men and 12.3 for women. Next were Blackberry users, then Android users.

Cool kids first, then big-money businessmen, then nerds... makes sense. Interestingly though, in every class the women had had more sexual partners than the men. What does it all mean? We don't know, but we'm sure as heck going to scrub the metadata the next time we upload a profile picture to a website. Get the full story from Mashable.

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