iPhone OS 4.0 to drop on Thursday?

While girlfriend-free nerds the western world over drool over the new iPad it’s emerged that the original (and frankly better because it’s smaller and can make phonecalls) the iPhone will get a new firmware update very soon.

Apple have waited to officially unveil what we can expect from OS 4.0 until after the iPad went on sale in the US (which was on Easter Saturday) but now looks like they will hold a keynote speech tomorrow at 6pm GMT. Insider leaks say the big additions will be the much hyped need to multitask Apple and 3rd party apps, ability to sync with iTunes Wirelessly, yes WIRELESSLY and a unified Inbox for all messages on Facebook, Twitter, email etc.

As always Apple are keeping their cards close to their chests so we’ll have to wait to see what, if any of the rumours are true.

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