iPhone Nano? The Beatles back-catalogue on iTunes?

Since the iPod launched way back in 2001, every September has seen Apple refresh their iPod line-up all conveniently in-time for Christmas. Tomorrow is this year’s big day, and, judging by some of the rumours, it looks set to be another exciting turn-out.

Called after a Rolling Stones lyric ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll’, the Apple conference in San Francisco has sparked rumours that the whole event may be based around music. What with coincidentally (or not) The Beatles releasing not only their entire remastered back catalogue but their much-hyped Beatles Rock Band computer game on the same day, have Macca & Ringo forgiven Apple for the recent ‘apple name’ lawsuit and will their songs finally be coming to the iTunes store? Seems unlikely given the title of the event, but you never know. Or are Apple about to re-ignite a feud between The Beatles & The Rolling Stones???

Other rumours;
Discontinuation of the iPod Classic (only current model to use a hard drive instead of flash memory.)
Increased capacity of the iPod Classic.
Added cameras to all iPods (i.e. Classic, Nano & Touch)
Large iPod Touch (A.K.A. iPod Tablet)
iPhone Nano (No internet, just phone & iPod)
iTunes 9 (to be integrated with social network sites such as Facebook and Last FM.
Blu-Ray support and albums to include videos)
iPhone music streamer application (think Spotify)

One thing is for sure - there will be the usual price cuts and an appearance from Apple CEO Steve Jobs (his first since his diagnosis with cancer.) We'll keep you posted.

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