iPhone Nano a no-no?

Well, that rumour didn’t last long. Mere days ago we told you Apple was reportedly working on a smaller, cheaper alternative to the iPhone, aimed at extending their reach into lower-cost markets. That would chime with the strategies of various other phonemakers who’ve introduced smartphones in a range of sizes.

But now the New York Times is reporting, essentially, that the previous report was nonsense. Apple is working on a cheaper version of the iPhone, but it won’t be smaller. Apple don’t want to force app developers to make a new version of their apps, or force users to use squished-down versions of them.

This sounds more like the Apple we know and sometimes love, to be honest. But how will they make a new iPhone that’s cheaper without making it smaller? One commenter on Engadget’s story reckons it’ll be by combining the iPhone 4’s internals with a cheaper plastic case. That’d make a pretty foxy budget option. Our guess is they’ll do something similar but with the internals of the 3GS to really bring the price down. On the other hand, this report could be nonsense too…

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