iPhone Jeans

Now that the iPhone has taken the world by storm, every man and his dog is keen to get a taste of that success and make a quick buck on the back of it. With every iPod that has been released into the wild there has been a wave of various complimentary gadgets to go with, ranging from some wise buys such as a protection case and screen, to the less desired underwater casing.

The geeks at WTFjeans have unveiled a brand new pair of jeans that solves the valid problem of your keys scratching your iPhone whilst in your pocket. The 79euros a pair denims look at first glance like a normal pair of jeans. However, there are a couple of convenient pockets at the front specifically sized to fit an iPhone or iPod Touch and fitted with a protection case made from a special micro-fibre that cleans the iPhone when it’s removed. And if you never leave home without you memory stick then don’t panic, there’s even a little pocket to for that too.

If this seems more like a money-making scam rather than a clever idea to you, reserve judgement until you see them. They're rather nice.

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