iPhone, iPod, iPad... iProj

Pikachu was the smallest and cutest of Pokemon, and 'pico' projectors are similarly small and adorable. Once a projector was a whacking great thing you hung on your ceiling, but now they come in all sorts of cute mini-packages. And you know what happens when something is small... it gets turned into an iAccessory.

So here we are, the inevitable Wowwee Cinemin Slice (OK, there's nothing inetivable about that name). It's an iPad dock which charges your pad and it shows off your videos and photos to your friends with a special in-built projector.

Except, of course, that the iPad doesn't take pictures or video. Fortunately, though it's firmly iPad-sized, the Wowwee (!) also works with the video-packed iPhone. And if we had an iPhone 4 with a sexy HD video function, we might actually think this not totally silly. No word on price yet, but head over to Gizmodo if you'd like a closer look.

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