iPhone iOS4.0 firmware drops

Apple power marketing has once again succeeded in making every smart phone user in the Milky Way drool with anticipation over the new toy. Sadly, though, if you live in the UK it's gonna cost you, and it’s gonna cost you big.

People who already has the iPhone 3GS won't be due a phone upgrade until at least the end of 2010 (most likely mid 2011) so if they want to get their greasy mitts on the iPhone 4 they’ll need to pay for the handset out right at £499. But if you’re not willing to hand over your hard earned cash and forgo a couple of features such as an HD camera, improved battery life, sleeker design then the new iOS firmware is for you.

As of 6pm last night, Apple dropped the brand new firmware iOS40, which does pretty much everything the new phone can do. We’re told there are over 100 new features (although we cant’ find them all...yet) but the big guns are the much talked about Multitasking (sorry, 3G phone users, no worky for you), Unified Inbox, Spell Check, iBooks, Proper Passwords and loads more.

If you haven’t got it yet then just open up your iTunes now (making sure you have version 9.2), plug in your iPhone and press check updates. The whole process should take approx 30 mins and will cost you nothing. Also works for iPod Touch users YIPPEE!

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