iPhone HiJacked

Fed up of how every accessory for your iPad/Phone/Pod has to be especially made to fit the port at the base, a deliberately obstructive piece of design that means any peripheral will be expensive and only useful for Apple products, further tying you into their closed off little world – it’s a gadget apartheid they’re setting up here, somebody call the Feds!

Anyway, one group of young whippersnappers from the University of Michigan's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department have designed a device that they call the ‘HiJack’, which is a hardware and software platform that plugs into your earphone jack and communicates with your non-Apple sanctioned peripheral. How does it do this? Well according to Arstechnica: ‘the system uses a 22kHz audio signal, which is converted into 7.4mW of power at 47 percent efficiency. That power runs a TI MSP430 microcontroller as well as any attached electronics, and allows the HiJack to communicate with an iOS application.’ Clear as mud, right? Just watch the video below, then.

Hijacking Power and Bandwidth from the Mobile Phone's Audio Interface - Integrated Prototype from Thomas Schmid on Vimeo.

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