Time to get yourself an iPhone docking station

So you have just got your brand new iPhone, now it's time to get your iPhone docking station! With a docking station you can charge your iPhone whilst at the same time listening to your favourite music through a high quality speaker.

There are many different brands and makes available at a range of different prices. An excellent website to compare different docking stations is argos.co.uk.

One of the best value docking stations available on their site is the Sony XDR - DS12 model. The station has an ultra-compact design which works on batteries as well as an AC adaptor. As it is so compact, it is ideal for taking on holiday, taking to the beach or any time you crave some of your favourite music. This alarm clock DAB radio features an LCD display with a 24-hour-clock.

The station is priced at £91.99 on the Argos website and can be ordered using the catalogue number 925/4682.

The Sony CMTFX550 DAB iPhone docking station micro system is another great choice. With both DAB and FM tuner bands, along with a CD tray, this micro system has everything. The sound on this speaker is of an excellent quality. An equaliser, super bass and 60 watt speakers ensures that you can listen to your music as loud as you want! This model also comes with a remote control.

But hurry quick, this docking station is currently selling on argos.co.uk for £199.99 which means you save 20% off the recommended retail price of £249.99. For more information on these docking stations or to browse at others, please visit argos.co.uk.

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