iPhone app of the week

As Steve Jobs like to keep on reminding us, there are now a gazillion apps for the iPhone that users can waste their money on, sorry purchase. But as any user knows most of them are utter rubbish. Enter stage left...Dragon Dictation...the first decent voice recognition app ever.

Voice recognition programs have been kicking about for decades, but they all suffer the same flaw: they are unable to hit a high enough transcribing accuracy. That is until now. Drag Dictation is in the most part AWESOME! With a simple click of the ‘record’ button you can talk into the phone’s speaker and within seconds it will transcribe your speech into writing, perfectly, (excluding a couple of easily-forgiven mistakes).

Another really neat feature of the app is that it gives you intuitive options for what you want to do with said text, including transfer to email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook with one tap. Oh, and did we mention it’s also free?

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