iPhone antenna engineers wanted

When the iPhone 4 was first released, it flew off shelves like piping hot cakes. But with hours of it going on sale many users were complaining about its poor phone coverage. The initial complaint came from left-handed users who said that when they held their new toy it would block the phone's coverage, causing calls to drop out. Yes, it may have a squillion apps that can do everything from make you a cup of tea to walking your dog but the primary function of a phone is to make phone calls.

Steve Jobs was quick off the mark with a patronising solution; ‘um, trying using your other hand,’ but it has now been revealed that he’s more than a little embarrassed. Like magic, three new ‘Antenna Engineers – iPhone/iPad’ jobs have appeared online.

The three jobs are based in Santa Clara Valley and were posted online less than 24 hours after the first complaints were made about the poor reception. Since then Apple have confirmed that there will be ‘no fix’ to the problem. But they did that say users have 30 days after the purchase date to return their product if they’re not satisfied with it.

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