iPhone 5s Review

It is that time again where all you iPhone users out there must decide whether the iPhone 5s is worth upgrading to or whether there are not enough features to make you change up from your iPhone 4, 4s or 5. Lets take a look at what the 5s has to offer.

Specifications and Performance

Needless to say the iPhone 5s is the most advanced iPhone to date. But is it so advanced that it warrants you upgrading from your iPhone 4s or 5? Certain new features scream Yes, upgrade now!

The most exciting feature on the 5s has got to be Touch ID. No longer will you have to slide to unlock your screen. On the 5s, placing your index finger on the home button identifies the user by your fingerprint and prevents unauthorised people form accessing your phone. Touch ID is especially important for verifying App Store and iTunes purchases.

The iPhone 5s is also the first smartphone to introduce 64 bit architecture in their brand new A7 chip. The 64 bit architecture is a move that Samsung confirmed they will be also be making on their next Galaxy S offering. It certainly represents the immediate future of the mobile platform and the results on the 5s are particularly stunning with the speed on offer when combined with the all new iOS7, a newly imagined operating system.

Design wise, the 5s represents the biggest shake up to come with an iPhone release. You can get your 5s in eithergold, silver or space gray as well as adding a custom Apple leather case in a choice of colours to protect your handset. The camera is also of a higher spec in the 5s due to a larger image sensor. This will be a big improvement to iPhone users that take lots of pictures in places where lighting levels are less than ideal.

Worth an Upgrade?

The iPhone 5s offers a lot in terms of features and is probably the first model since the 4s that demands an immediate upgrade. iOS7 offers users a fresh new iPhone experience with higher performance from all your favourite iPhone apps and the Touch ID feature represents a quantum leap forward in phone security.

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